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A Long-lasting Roofing Material

The Duro-Last® single-ply roofing system is ideal for any flat or low sloped, new or retrofit application. Since 1978, over two billion square feet of Duro-Last® membrane have been installed on buildings of all types throughout North America.

Here’s a Letter of Commendation from Duro-Last’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Steve Ruth

Here’s why we prefer Duro-Last®

Every Duro-Last roofing system is manufactured in a controlled factory environment to rooftop specifications. This eliminates up to 85% of rooftop installation seaming and ensures an excellent fit, delivering worry-free, leak-proof, long-term protection.

The highly- reflective Duro-Last white membrane is saving energy and money for building owners and managers throughout the United States. A new Duro-Last roof can help facilities obtain credits toward LEED and LEED-EB certification. The Duro-Last system is resistant to fire, chemicals, grease, high winds and punctures and easily accommodates wide temperature extremes.

Installation is quiet, fast and safe without loud machinery, hazardous materials, noxious fumes, hot tar or mess. A new Duro-Last roof can often be installed over an existing roof without an expensive tear-off.

Duro-Last protects commercial and industrial buildings with our comprehensive 15 year no dollar limit (NDL) warranty that is transferable, has no exclusions for ponding water and provides coverage against consequential damages that result from defects in the Duro-Last material and/or installation workmanship. Duro-Last also has 20 year warranties available.

Founded by John R. Burt in 1978, Duro-Last is the world’s largest manufacturer of custom prefabricated roofing systems. In the mid 1970s, Burt can up with the inspiration that would lead him to Duro-Last. At the time, he owned a company that manufactured vinyl swimming pool liners and came to the realization that if a liner kept water inside the pool it should also keep water out. From that simple premise, the Duro-Last single-ply roofing system was created.

Duro-Last’s corporate leadership continues to direct the business with the same spirit and commitment that John Burt embodied. “My philosophy is this- if I’m going to manufacture a product, that product, that product better be the best of its kind and do what it’s supposed to do,” he said.

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