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4 Simple Tips for Replacement Windows and Patio Doors

You want to get new replacement windows but you may need some help with the options that are available.

Here are some options to consider when replacing your windows…

1. Combine two windows into one.

If you have two double hung windows that are side by side, why not replace those two individual windows with a large slider window or a triple slider window.

Or perhaps you have several windows in one opening and want to something new and fresh. You can replace them with a bay window with double hung windows on the sides or a large bow window with vented casement windows.

2. Vary the color.

Replacement windows don’t have to be white! Our windows have numerous exterior and interior color options to fit any style home.

Many homeowners enjoy the flexibility of getting one color on the outside of their windows and a different color (or a woodgrain finish to match interior trim) on the interior.

3. Privacy options.

We get many requests for more privacy for bathrooms. We offer three different styles of obscure glass which allow for light while maintaining privacy. Ask Geisler Roofing & Home Improvement about your options!

TIP: When getting a double hung window replaced, you can have the new window customized so that the bottom sash of the window has obscure glass and the top sash has regular glass.

4. Sliding glass patio doors and replacement windows with blinds.

If you’re tired of cleaning blinds and dusty drapes consider getting custom windows and sliding glass patio doors with tilt-only blinds between the panes of glass–no cleaning hassles

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