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Perfect Fourth of July BBQ Decorations for Your Outside Space

Tis the season for fireworks and barbecues! Small, and big, festive holiday touches can help your backyard barbecue stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.

  • Ribbons Festive and simple, you can tie red, white and blue ribbons around silverware, wine glass stems or bunches of unlit sparklers.

  • Mixing Patterns Of course most of your decorations will be red, white and blue. You can still add variety by mixing and matching patterns. For example, try a checkered red tablecloth with chevron-patterned blue napkins. Switching up the patterns can help your barbecue stand out from everyone else’s.

  • Mason Jars Painted mason jars are festive and versatile. They can hold plastic silverware, straws, sparklers and party favors. They can also be turned into tea lights for the table or to line your walkway to signal where the party is.

  • Centerpieces A festive centerpiece can set the tone for the whole dinner. A bandana table runner is a fun alternative to a more traditional tablecloth. Large DIY pinwheels made out of paper and straws are easy to create and great party favors for the kids when the barbecue is over. You can also make paper rockets out of patriotic-themed papers and use a large mason jar filled with rice to keep them in place. Easy-to-follow molds can be found on Pinterest.

  • Backyard Decorations Bigger backyard decorations don’t have to be complicated. Something as simple as edging your table with streamers or crepe paper can have a grand effect, without taking too much effort. Consider lining your porch or railings with bunting made from a patterned fabric (stripes are a great choice) or tablecloth. Accent your chairs with simple covers made from cloth tablecloths. All you need is a little bit of ribbon and glue to secure them!

  • Outdoor Games Make classic games more patriotic by painting stars and stripes on a cornhole board or red, white and blue stripes on a horseshoe stake. -

Make this Fourth of July memorable by complementing your amazing house exterior siding with a stylish backyard barbecue. Are you looking to upgrade your siding? Give us a call today!

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