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Do's and Don'ts of Outdoor Holiday Decorating

We’ve all seen it before, driving around the neighborhood to admire the Christmas lights on every house when bam! there’s the house that has enough inflatable decorations, reindeer and nativity scenes to decorate the rest of the town. You can’t even see the lawn anymore! To avoid being “that house,” we have all the do’s and don’ts of outdoor holiday decorating for you.


  • **Light everything - ** You don’t want everyone to think the sun is rising from your house, so let’s be classy (and save on the electric bill) and light just the main features of the house and yard.

  • **Be incomplete - ** On the other side of the scale, don’t light a single tree in your yard and leave it at that. It’s incomplete and leaves your curb appeal seriously lacking. If you’re lighting your house, don’t just do one story. If you’re decorating your yard make sure it’s balanced with some lights and decor on both sides of your house.

  • **Mix LED and conventional lighting - ** LED lights have a bluish tint and conventional (incandescents) have a warmer yellow hue. When placed next to each other they clash.

  • **Use inflatable decorations - ** Let’s be honest, inflatable yard decorations are tacky. They’re usually too big, so they distract from all the hard work you put into your house; they’re loud and use a lot of electricity. Plus, during the day when they’re not inflated, no one knows what that mass of plastic is on your lawn. So save yourself some money and your neighbors the annoyance this year and toss out the inflated snow globe.

  • **Get too excited - ** We know the holidays are an exciting time of the year, but don’t let your lights go crazy. There’s no need for flashing Christmas lights all over your house (it’s not a rave people!). If you want your lights to change colors, make sure it’s a slow transition - at least 10-15 seconds on one setting.


  • **Decorate! ** - Some tasteful lighting around the exterior of your home will always be a boost for your curb appeal. It makes your home more inviting to visitors over the holidays, especially since it gets dark so early this time of year. Plus, you don’t want to be the one house in the cul-de-sac that’s dark when everyone goes out to enjoy the Christmas lights.

  • **Highlight architectural features - ** Use lights to line the architectural features of your home such as the roof line, chimney, windows and porch.

  • **Consider your home’s placement - ** If your home sits farther back from the street, consider using bigger bulbs or doubling up strings of lights so that it’s brighter and more visible from the street. However, if you’re right next to another home, be mindful to not direct your lights into a neighbor’s bedroom window.

  • **Choose a theme ** - When it comes to yard decorations, no one needs Santa and his reindeer hanging out with baby Jesus and the wise men. It’s just a little too much. Decide on one theme for your yard decor and don’t go overboard. A small or simple set of lawn decorations will add depth to your decor with some in the yard and some on the house in the background.

  • **Be practical - ** Think about where you put your lights and decor in relation to your home and driveway. Leave about a foot between the driveway and any decor lining it. This way, if someone is backing out too close to the edge, your decorations are still safe.

Now go have some fun with your outdoor holiday decorating! If you realize your home needs a little more than decor for excellent curb appeal, consider Geisler Roofing for a new exterior siding update.

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