11 Tips for Raking Leaves this Fall

If your home is surrounded by deciduous trees, you’re probably all too familiar with the colorful leaves that flood your yard annually. While this is a gorgeous look in the fall, those leaves can pile up quickly. So don’t let the nostalgia of falling autumn leaves keep you from proper yard maintenance. Raking leaves is important for safety and curb appeal. Leaves left on a sidewalk can be slippery underfoot for pedestrians and if left on the lawn too long can become mushy and unsightly. Be more efficient this year with these tips for raking leaves:

  1. **Rake leaves weekly - ** Consistent raking will keep the workload under control throughout the season.
  2. **Get the proper rake for you - ** Make sure your rake is the right size and weight for you so that you won’t get tired quickly and can maximize your efficiency.
  3. Wear gloves - To prevent blisters, use gloves to protect your hands. Cloth gloves are probably most comfortable, but any gardening gloves will do.
  4. **Avoid using a wheelbarrow - ** For a yard full of leaves, a wheelbarrow is too small to transport the leaves and will end up being more work than it’s worth.
  5. **Rake onto a tarp or old sheet - ** To collect the leaves and move them easily, rake them onto a large tarp or sheet. Be sure to rake an initial layer onto it right away to keep the wind from picking it up.
  6. Always rake with the wind - Make your workload a little easier by working with the wind.
  7. Rake downhill - Although leaves are light, the pull of gravity will help you out.
  8. Mow over leaves - When leaves are only sprinkled on your lawn, it’s a great opportunity to shred up the leaves with your mower and leave them on the grass to return some of the nutrients back to the soil.
  9. **Wear a mask when shredding leaves - ** If you’re shredding a lot of leaves with your mower, make sure to wear a dust mask especially if you have allergies or are easily irritated by dust.
  10. Be mindful of noise - If you’re trying to get out of raking by using a leaf blower, be mindful of your neighbors. A leaf blower can often ruin a peaceful morning.
  11. **Work a little at a time - ** Don’t worry about collecting all your leaves in one afternoon. Do what you can a little at a time to keep it manageable and enjoyable too!

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